Back to the Victorian times

di 14.02.17

Eerste podiumervaring voor de tweetalige brugklassers.

Jentel Kamsteegt uit de brugklas tweetalig vwo over de workshop van het Phileas Fogg Theatre:

‘On Tuesday evening 14th of February the classes tv1A and thv1A enjoyed a workshop from the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. Peter and Melanie, two native English-speaking actors, taught the pupils, what it was to like live as child in the Victorian time. Every pupil was involved in acting out little scenes, while listening and talking in English. This workshop helped a few to get over their stage fright and build up the pupils confidence in listening and speaking in English. At the end of the performance most pupils were happy they didn’t live in Victorian times. During the show,  they learned which jobs the children in the Victorian time needed to do, to get a little bit of money to survive and that a lot of children died doing dangerous jobs, under the age of 5. But the overall feeling of that evening was that was a lot of  fun. The actors Peter and Melanie were very funny and at the end everybody was laughing, even the audience -  the parents!’

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